Small business confidence up

There has been a solid improvement in small businesses, suggesting the sector will grow in 2015, the Federation of Small Businesses says.

The lobby group’s suggested there had been a robust improvement in confidence in the past 3 months.

It also said it had found “few negatives” in the overall picture.

The FSB said their new survey on job creation, productivity and investment all showed positive signs for small businesses adding the economy’s growth through 2015.

Businesses see themselves for the coming months very positively, with nearly two thirds (65.3%) of small businesses looking to grow moderately or rapidly in the next 3 months.

The FSB said productivity in this sector was growing much more compared to the wider economy, something that should be encouraging to the government, which has been grappling with the issue of low productivity growth for a while.


However, the mood is very uneven across the counrty, the group said.

Areas close to London continue to dominate business confidence, followed by the West and East Midlands.

But in Wales, employment fell, and Scotland has also reported lower business confidence.

John Allan, the FSB national chairman, said: “The results… are very positive and show the major role that small businesses play in the growth of the UK’s economy.”