Eco Homes made of Straw go on sale

Homes made of straw bales are now up for sale in Bristol.

The amazing new homes are the result of a research project by the University of Bath in collaboration with the manufacturer ModCell.

A row of seven homes have been built with prefabricated panels consisting of a wooden structural frame infilled with straw bales or hemp & then rendered with either a breathable lime-based system or ventilated timber or brick cladding.

The straw walls provide the insulation levels required by current UK building regulations.

Professor Pete Walker said: “The construction sector must reduce its energy consumption by 50% and its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, so radical changes are needed to the way we approach house building.

“As a construction material, straw is a low-cost and widely available food co-product that offers real potential for ultra-low carbon housing throughout the UK.

“Building with straw could be a critical point in our trajectory towards a low-carbon future.”